Manage your Linux workstation or server easily over the web!
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Just click the Testdrive link in the right column and see WebYaST loading in your browser.
What is WebYaST?
WebYaST allows you to manage your SUSE Linux workstation or server easily using a web interface.
What can WebYaST do?
Check system health and status, add, remove and edit users, update software, manage system services, configure network settings, configure firewall, and much more...!


Interested in WebYaST?

SSL certificate

WebYaST creates a self-signed certificate for secure (encrypted) connection via HTTPS protocol. This triggers a warning in your browser when you accces the WebYaST instance the first time. (You can provide a real certificate signed by a trusted certification authority, which avoids this warning.)

Remote access

If you need remote access to WebYaST (from another machine via Internet) you need to update firewall configuration as it by default blocks remote access.

Start Yast Firewall module and add WebYaST UI service to the list of enabled services.

Now you can point your browser to the URL printed by rcyastwc script or to https://your_machine.your_domain:54984.

For more information about installation, see the documentation.